Backing Into a Virtual Trauma Informed Curriculum

Overview This project will focus on developing the knowledge and skills of elementary school educators to build safe learning environments for children who have experienced trauma. This project will focus on determining what information, digital tools and digital resources are beneficial in constructing a trauma-informed classroom. Students, who consist of elementary school teachers, will critically […]

Can Digital Tools Be Used to Improve the Work of Child Protection Professionals?

In my previous blog, I explored the possibilities for students and/or child protection professionals to design a simulation tool to identify and solve problems associated with the intervention, prevention and treatment of abuse. I want to expand upon that idea, but this time explore: Can digital tools be used to improve the work of child […]

Can Simulations Aid Professionals in the Fight Against Child Abuse?

In my previous blog, I explored the idea of child simulations helping children who have experienced abuse communicate and share their testimony of their abuse. I want to expand upon that idea, but this time explore how child protection professionals can identify, create, or enhance a variety of interactive and innovative child protection simulations to […]

Can Artificial Intelligence Help Children Who Have Experienced Abuse Through The Disclosure of Their Trauma

I have focused my career on helping children who have been abused speak out about their abuse. From helping in the development of the first evidence-based curriculum for student’s pre-K through 12th grade, to the connectivity of that program with the nation’s largest child abuse hotline, intervening and preventing child abuse is the core purpose […]

Empowering Experiences: e-Tools for Trauma Informed Learning

I have asked the question: how do we as educators create empowering experiences, especially for children who have experienced trauma, that will help them realize that they do not have to excel at every academic subject to be a good student or worthwhile? As I began exploring this subject, I discovered some possible solutions, leveraging […]

Safety Respect and Equity in the Evaluation and Applicable Use of Digital Tools

I want to leverage the value applications within digital education to enhance my work in helping children heal and grow from abuse and Adverse Childhood Experiences. Through this course, I identified three guiding values that I wanted to focus on in shaping my practice as a digital education leader. Those values were Safety, Respect and […]

Equitable Access for Shared Learning and Community Engagement

My original question and value of interest centered on the idea of equitable ownership of data and information when developed through collaborative means. However, my focus kept bringing me back to the broader subject of “digital equity”, and I reflected on whether I was more interested in data or information. What I discovered is that […]

How Do We Discern and Justify Truth Online?

The value that I originally aimed to address was the fair use of information. As I began examining that value, I raised the question – how do we discern and discover what is true, especially within digital media? Truth is such a complex idea with a variety of layers. Terms such as “data”, “information”, “knowledge”, […]

Can We Keep At-Risk Children Safe in a Fast Paced Digital World?

The Question that I have been asking is: How do we create a safe environment, online, for children who have experienced abuse and/or neglect to heal, learn and grow? As I work to try and find some possible solutions for this question, I need to first identify that I do not believe it is entirely […]